Tour to Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery

Tour to Geghard monasteryKhachqars in Geghard

Geghard MonasteryTemple of Garni

The tour includes a visit to Geghard Monastery, a monastery carved into the mountain rock and surrounded by massive cliffs, and a visit to Garni, the well-known pagan temple, the only one in the region, and the symbol of pre-Christian Armenia.

Next, visit a workshop of a famous artist in Garni, lunch at a fish place, participate in local style “gata” baking, or in a cooking masterclass of a local traditional meal. The trip will be concluded by shopping for local fruit preserves and dried fruits – the region’s tasty specialty.



Depart Yerevan at 9:00. Travel to Geghard Monastery. Travel to Garni, masterclass, and a lunch at Garni. Shopping, free time.

Return to Yerevan.


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Tour to Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery