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Your trip to Armenia

Armenia has so much to offer

You will see rich cultural monuments, medieval castles, magical churches and other landmarks. You will experience wonderful adventures such as the world's longest ropeway, the region's only zipline, paragliding, air balloons, and many others. You can explore ecologically untouched spots, wide biodiversity of birds, butterflies, animals, and plants.


It also offers a wide range of options to organize any kind of events – business or personal

Organize your memorable events in Armenia both business and personal, such as weddings, birthday parties, christening, and even family gatherings. You can use one of the many excellent venues with modern equipment, professional interpretation and catering services, comfortable in-country transportation, and much more. 


And of course, it offers the best in Yerevan

Take a city tour combined with a trip to the countryside; attend multi-genre performances at the magnificent Opera and Ballet Theatre and wonderful concerts at Philharmonic; visit museums, galleries, modern art expositions. You will stay at comfortable hotels, use swimming pools, and have absolutely delicious food and wines at a huge range of restaurants and cafes of all calibers.


Armenia’s most charming trait is its people

Meet with people, drink Armenian wines and the legendary Armenian brandy, travel around the stunningly beautiful countryside, go to ecologically pure spots, cook meals from organic produce with villagers, and spend your evenings in charming and relaxing settings with wonderful people around, and enjoy your stay in Armenia!


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Armenia is not just a destination – it’s a new way of seeing things.

You will leave your heart in Armenia.

So many travelers visit Armenia and never get out of Yerevan. Let's go to beautiful places!

About Armenia

Ejmiatsin, the spiritual capital of Armenia, where
22 November 2017

Ejmiatsin, the spiritual capital of Armenia, where

If you have already seen and enjoyed in Yerevan all the things that you have read about here, then it's time to move to the spiritual capital of the country - Ejmiatsin.

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An Autumn Morning Sketch: #Yerevan
21 November 2017

An Autumn Morning Sketch: #Yerevan

In autumn you can see all the possible colors in Armenia: from springish raw green to sun-kissed yellow and crispy orange, from mature forest green to chocolate brown and wild purple, from navy blue to peachy rose and crazy crimson.

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Yerevan – the wine-smelling, museum-rich city that is older than Rome
17 November 2017

Yerevan – the wine-smelling, museum-rich city that is older than Rome

“This is Yerevan, you are at home here” is a well-known phrase from a song. If you want to make sure, visit Armenia and spend a few days in the capital city of Yerevan.

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Armenia – a Country that is Worth Seeing
14 November 2017

Armenia – a Country that is Worth Seeing

Armenia is situated in the western part of Asia and its total area is 30.000 square kilometers. It shares borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran. The population is about 3 million; the majority is Armenians (more than 98 percent).

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