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by Alexander Malkhasyan

The Secret to Having a Rewarding Vacation

Here in Armenia, we treat our country as our home and we call it home.


This is exactly why we treat visitors as precious guests at our home. You can sense this when dealing with literally anyone in Armenia – with a B&B or restaurant owner, with people on the streets and in villages – you can feel how welcome each visitor is. This unique attitude makes a vacation in Armenia totally enjoyable.



We at GreenTravel have great respect for this Armenian tradition of hospitality.

This is why we guarantee that we take good care of our guests during our tours.


We provide comfortable transportation with air conditioning. There are enough stops with toilets, and we provide access to passengers with mobility issues.


We offer you places to eat that are known for good quality of food with reasonable prices, we promise you will like Armenian food. We bring you back to the point where we picked you up at the beginning of the tour, and as necessary, help you get to your hotel or home.


Our team knows how to take care of senior citizens and young children. Our drivers drive our guests safely to the destinations and back. Our guides are knowledgeable and informative. Our staff is caring and attentive.



If you aren’t absolutely delighted with our service, we insist that you tell us, and we’ll refund you for your money paid for the tour.



And, yes, there are myriads of things you can do in Armenia.

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Here is how to transform your next trip into a lifetime experience.

So many travelers visit Armenia and never get out of Yerevan. Let's go to beautiful places!

You will not be the same having seen Armenia!

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Events calendar 2017

21 July 2017

Top 5 corners for breakfast in Yerevan


We’re halfway through summer, but things are just getting started. We’ve got gigs every night, music festivals, and keep in mind, the 10th Pan Homenetmen games are coming up. We have visitors arriving from all over the world for the games, but once we’re done working and practicing, we still have the rest of the day to fill with plans. It is out of the question that the capital city has a rich cafe culture. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a restaurant, you can find one in every corner of Yerevan. With its trendy, lavish, outdoor cafes, Yerevan comes back to life every summer. Welcome to the Pink City!

First things first, we have to eat. A big, healthy breakfast with a comfortable, pleasant setting is what we need in the morning. We’ve narrowed down the 6 best breakfast serving places in Yerevan:

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13 July 2017

10 Non-Smoking Places in Yerevan

Over the years, more and more non-smoking places have emerged, and now us non-smokers are free to breathe fresh air and not reek of smoke at the end of the day.

Indoor smoke-free places can be hard to find in Yerevan since it’s basically a national habit. But do not fret, my dearest non-smokers, our time has come. Our very limited spots are broadening and our choices are increasing. Over the years, more and more non-smoking places have emerged, and now us non-smokers are free to breathe fresh air and not reek of smoke at the end of the day.  Here are 10 non-smoking places in Armenia:

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12 July 2017


Find ancient churches in the wildly green canyons and mountains of the Armenian countryside.
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06 July 2017

Upcoming Armenian gastronomic festivals in summer

Summer is around us. For all people, who want to feel all advantages of Armenian Summer and enjoy all the events, here are the most delicious and interesting festivals of this Summer. 

SO, mark these days on your calendar and don't miss any of them! 

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